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...was founded by Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), a contemporary of Jung and one of the pioneers of transpersonal psychology.  He 
developed psychosynthesis in order to integrate psychotherapeutic and spiritual elements to create a dynamic and practical system of working with the various conscious and unconscious levels of the human psyche. Although all aspects of the psyche are important, the Higher Self underpins the approach as it is the central core around which everything revolves.     
“Psychosynthesis stretches beyond
the boundaries of personal psychology... by
postulating a deeper centre of identity: the Self,
our essential being"(Diana Whitmore)  
Psychosynthesis draws from a wide range of psychological and spiritual techniques, which share their roots with both Western and Eastern approaches to personal and spiritual development.  It is believed that the natural tendency of humans to move toward individuation can be accelerated by deliberate conscious action and by the use of appropriate exercises, held within a transpersonal framework to facilitate growth and inner transformation.  Therefore, psychosynthesis incorporates these techniques for the ultimate purpose of facilitating integration and healing at our core. 
Described as a psychology with a soul, psychosynthesis acknowledges emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of the human experience.  It is a comprehensive approach that enables us to explore our essential nature, identify and express our creative potential, develop greater understanding of our inner and outer world, and generally gain a deeper sense of our true purpose and meaning. 

The Information... 

...found on this and the other pages of this website, is intended to provide an overview of my practice and the services available. Once you have had the opportunity to explore the various pages, if you would like to enquire further about any of the elements covered, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

...means that all information discussed during therapy, coaching and supervision sessions remains confidential and will not be shared with anyone else, unless it is felt that you or someone mentioned is at risk of harm.  However, professional and ethical working requires that practitioners undertake clinical supervision on a regular basis.  Therefore, certain details may be explored within this professional relationship, although identifying characteristics will be kept to a minimum to maintain anonymity.  In addition to this, supervisors are bound by the same codes of practice and therefore also recognise and adhere to confidentiality guidelines.  Please ask if you would like further information regarding confidentiality in relation to any of the services offered. 
...and the re-scheduling of appointments is sometimes necessary.  However, on such occasions it is important to provide as much notice as possible, so that sessions can be offered to other people.  Therefore, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required when cancelling 
therapy, coaching, mentoring and supervision sessions.  If this notice period is not provided, it will be necessary to charge the full fee.  For group supervision, a minimum cancellation period of 48 hours is required. 
"The least of things with a
meaning is worth more in life
than the greatest of things
without it" (Carl Jung)
Availability of Services...
...can occasionally be limited due to current commitments, which means it is not always feasible to accept new referrals.  

Melody's Primary Base...

... is near Llanharan, South Wales, UK. However, for certain services, such as training, it may be possible to travel further afield. In addition, depending on requirements and suitability, some services may be available over the phone or by using technology such as Skype (e.g., supervision). 

Articles, Newsletters & Other Information...

Listening to the soul

The Essential Self 

Recommended Reading...

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Recommended CDs & DVDs... 

William Bloom: 'The Endorphin Effect - Guided Exercises' 

Jon Kabat-Zinn: 'Mindfulness Meditation - Cultivating the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind' 

Thich Nhat Hanh: 'Mindfulness and Psychotherapy - Working with Anger and Nourishing Inner Peace Each and Every Day (Especially for Psychotherapists)'


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What is Transpersonal Psychology?
An interview with Dr. Lukoff from the Mental Health, Wellbing and Spirituality Conference held in Dundee Scotland in 2005.
"By deepening our consciousness of essential divinity... our power to radiate it is increased, and our ability to shed light in our surroundings, transform our environment, and live with spiritual creativity is intensified"(Roberto Assagioli)


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