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  • Supervision
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  • Soul Psychology (Transpersonal and Esoteric Psychology Network)

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Psychotherapy and Counselling... 

... can help people explore and come to terms with a variety of difficult or challenging life experiences, develop a deeper understanding of their inner and outer world, transform blocks and deeper patterns that are no longer beneficial, and generally live their lives in a more resourceful and soul-enhancing way.  Psychosynthesis acknowledges the spiritual, as well as emotional, psychological and physical aspects of the human experience, and enables individuals to explore the deeper meaning and purpose of their unique journey from a transpersonal perspective.

Creative arts approaches can be used to help facilitate the therapy process and allow individuals to explore and express their inner and outer world in ways that do not rely solely on verbal communication. These methods can be particularly advantageous for children and young people who naturally draw upon creativity and play to make sense of their experiences and unfolding self. However, such methods can be of benefit to all age groups and may be introduced during sessions, as appropriate, in order to help access and enhance deeper levels of understanding and express material beyond the reach of the cognitive mind in ways that are more suited to such phenomena.  

Sessions are carried out in a safe and supportive setting, face-to-face or possibly over the telephone in certain circumstances. An initial session will be arranged to discuss hopes and needs and to decide whether therapeutic support is right at this particular time.  

"Your vision will become clear 
only when you can look into your 
own heart. Who looks outside, dreams;   who looks inside, awakens"
(Carl Jung) 


...“is a formal arrangement for therapists to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in both therapy and supervision.  The task is to work together to ensure and develop the efficacy of the therapist/client relationship” (What is Supervision, BACP, August 2008).   

Supervision provides professional support and guidance in a safe and confidential setting where there is time to reflect and grow.  It is a multi-level approach which can be used to explore many professional and work-related matters, such as direct work with clients, professional identity and working styles, ethical practice and decision making, impact issues and secondary trauma resulting from work undertaken, organisational issues, training and development needs, job responsibilities and challenges, team dynamics and working relationships, and many other aspects that may affect practitioners personally and professionally.   

Supervision can be an ongoing process where the supervisor and supervisee meet on a regular basis, or offered as occasional consultative support where meetings take place as necessary, depending on the professional requirements and work of the therapist and the expectations of the professional body to which they belong. Supervisors also undertake supervision as part of their professional support. 

With regard to my practice, supervision is approached from an integrative framework, which allows for flexibility in style, theoretical orientation and context in which each practitioner is based. Creative approaches to supervision may also be explored, as such methods can offer insights and a deeper understanding of the processes involved. 

Supervision can take place on either a one-to-one or group basis. Where there are geographical restraints to meeting face-to-face, it may be possible to undertake supervision sessions over the telephone or via technology such as Skype. 

"In search of my face I have worn many 
masks. To find my voice I have sung many songs" 
(J Hough)

Experiential Mentoring / 1-2-1 Training... 

…is for both newly qualified and experienced counsellors / therapists wishing to integrate creative methods into their practice.  What each practitioner would like to develop will be unique for their individual and professional needs, but this might include one or more of the following:  

  • Working with Dreams
  • Relaxation and Guided Imagery
  • Working with Sub-Personalities
  • Creative Arts Techniques and Exercises
  • Working with Sandtrays

Practitioners wishing to expand their approach in order to work more creatively and meet the unique needs of their clients often attend various short and intense training opportunities.  However, although these can be stimulating and provide fascinating ‘tasters’, the practitioners often leave the training not knowing how they might integrate what they have learned in an appropriate and safe manner.  After a short while most, if not all, of what has been learned is lost and so nothing more comes of it - apart from it perhaps being an interesting experience that allows them to meet their CPD requirements.  This can feel somewhat dissatisfying for practitioners, as well as be unproductive in relation to developing further skills to support clients.  Experiential Mentoring helps overcome this problem. 

Experiential Mentoring provides an opportunity for practitioners to work with an experienced therapist / trainer on a one-to-one basis to identify the areas they would like to develop in relation to creative working.  This approach enables practitioners to explore, practice and develop their understanding and skills, so they are then able to integrate these skills into their work with clients and utilise them effectively and appropriately.  Creative methods can also be used to enhance work undertaken in supervision, both with individuals and with groups.   

Experiential Mentoring sessions offer an individual learning experience in a safe and supportive setting, where there is room to explore, play and grow! 


"There is no certainty; 
there is only adventure”
(Roberto Assagioli)

Group Training...

...offers individuals and groups the opportunity to develop on both a personal and professional level, which in turn helps them make the most of their qualities and skills, and move towards reaching their full potential.  Attending appropriate and professionally delivered training can provide not only an opportunity to develop new skills and understanding, but also synthesise existing knowledge so it can be applied more effectively, try out new approaches and methods to gain a sense of future directions and aspirations, plus tap into dormant and as yet unexpressed qualities that will lead the individual and / or group to move toward a new level of functioning and expression. 

Essenza offers a range of CPD events, e.g., Play and Creative Arts Methods in Counselling; Simply Sandtrays (Sandtrays and Therapeutic Practice, Supervisory Practice and Practitioner Self-Care); Using the Creative Arts in Therapeutic and Other Work Settings (Creative Arts Toolkit); Working Therapeutically with Children and Young People; Relaxation and Imagery Toolkit for Health and Wellbeing; Creativity and Confidence: Secondary Trauma and Practitioner Wellbeing: Creative Self Expression, Development and Restoration for Therapists; Introduction to Psychosynthesis / Transpersonal Approach to Counselling and Therapy; Soul Expressions (A Transpersonal Journey); Creative Supervision (Using Creative Arts Approaches in Individual and Group Supervisory Settings)

A bespoke training service is also available, so please contact me to explore your ideas should you require a particular type of training tailored to the needs of your team / group. 

Coaching / Mentoring / Peer Support...

...offer a means to help people identify and change what they are not happy with in their personal and professional lives.  Coaching can help people overcome barriers, find constructive and creative solutions, take control of their future, and achieve their individual and unique goals and aspirations.  It is an approach that can help people overcome a vast array of challenges, and make the most of opportunities and potential.  Coaching in organisations is a cost-effective way of developing a flexible, capable and creative workforce, where each person's qualities and skills can be acknowledged and developed to the full.  Coaching can be undertaken on a one-to-one or group basis. Mentoring and Peer Support are becoming increasingly popular within organisations as they provide opportunities for individuals to develop both personally and professionally, plus receive support connected to the day-to-day pressures and complexities of the work they are undertaking. Such support can be of benefit on many levels, ranging from the individuals working within an organisation, through to the teams they operate within and the wider organisation as a whole. 

Research and Development... can be provided to support agencies and organisations in their day-to-day functioning, ethical development and professional advancement.  Services offered can be developed to meet the unique needs of the organisation or agency involved, and might include evaluation and monitoring, research into a particular area of interest, project design and implementation, training needs assessments, peer support and personal development planning, or a general appraisal of services from an independent perspective.

"You cannot discover 
new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"

Future Events & Training... 

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the workshop below or any other group training requirements. Please see the Group Training section on the Services Available page for a list of potential training events available. For flyers relating to forthcoming CPD opportunities, please see the About Essenza page. 

New supervision group: 

  • Supervision and Sandtrays ~ new creative group supervision opportunity for qualified practitioners based in South Wales (email for further information)

Forthcoming CPD events include:

  • Simply Sandtrays Day 1 (Sandtrays and Therapeutic Practice)
  • Simply Sandtrays Day 2 (Sandtrays and Practitioner Self-Care)
  • Simply Sandtrays  (Sandtrays and Supervisory Practice)
  • Play and Creative Arts Methods in Counselling
  • Broadening Horizons (Expanding Your Approach / Building Your Toolkit)
  • Creative Self Expression, Development and Restoration for Therapists
  • Soul and Sandtrays (Spiritual Perspectives of Mental Health and Supervisory Practice)

The following course is currently being developed:

  • Spiritual Perspectives of Mental Health and Therapeutic Practice

Others courses include: 

  • Supervising Counsellors working with Children & Young People (New dates to be confirmed shortly. Please contact Kathy Raffles - see flyer - to be informed of dates once known)

Therapy & Supervision Information... 

Printable Supervision Leaflet
Supervision (DOC — 33 KB)

Soul Psychology (Transpersonal and Esoteric Psychology Network)... a free online community and resource for counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists whose work is underpinned by a transpersonal perspective.  It was set up to help create opportunities to establish rich and meaningful links between those working within these realms, as well as promote and help strengthen the voice of transpersonal psychology and therapy as a whole.  

If you work in this way and might be interested in joining this online community and resource, you can visit the website at: 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual 
experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience" 
(Teilhard de Chardin)

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